How To Make A Wreath Hanger

How To Make A Homemade Wreath Hanger

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Have you started decorating your house for the fall and the holiday season? Looking for a quick and easy way to hang a wreath this Christmas season? In this blog post, we have tips on how to make a variety of homemade wreath hangers with tutorials that are perfect for beginners.

Depending on the type of wreaths you’re making, before you start your wreath making, it’s generally advisable to attach your wreath hanger before working on the wreath.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

How To Make A Wire Wreath Hanger For A Grapevine Wreath (Through The Wreath)

Rustic wire wreath hanger

 You’ll Need

  • Hot glue gun (for the tip at the beginning of the video)
  • Rustic wire 
  • (or floral wire or a pipe cleaner)
  • Needle nose pliers


Here’s a tip if the ends of your wire fray: use your hot glue gun to seal them.

  • Cut about 16 inches of wire.
  • Lay the wreath with the back side up.
  • Push your pliers through the wreath a bit to the left of the center until it peeks through the other side.
  • Open the pliers.
  • Grip the wire.
  • Pull through.
  • Push the pliers through a bit to the right of the center, making sure it’s not the same path as the first “excavation”.
  • Open the pliers.
  • Grip the wire.
  • Pull through.
  • Now you have the loop end at the top of the wreath and the tails pointing to the middle.

  • Take one of the tails and twist it a couple of times around the base of the corresponding side of the loop.
  • Do the same with the other tail.
  • Cut off excess wire.
  • Using your pliers, tuck the remaining wire ends into the wreath.

Your wreath hanger is done!

How To Make A Wire Wreath Hanger For A Grapevine Wreath (Around The Wreath)

You’ll Need


  • Fold the wire in half
  • The loop is the rounded end, and we’ll call the ends the tail
  • Lay the wreath on top of the hanger

Laying the wreath over the wire

  • Pull the tail of the wire up and over the rim of the wreath
  • Wrap the ends around the base of the loop

Now you have a hanger hook!

How To Make A Wreath Hanger With A Pipe Cleaner

You’ll Need


  • Take the ends of the pipe cleaner and curl them up.
  • Push the pipe cleaner inwards until the center bends. You should have a “W” shape.
  • Take the bottom curves and push them together you’ll have a loop on one end and the tails on the other end.

  • Feed the tails under the top of the wreath frame.
  • Twist the tails together.
  • Then wrap the tails around the base of the loop and there is your wreath hanger!

How To Make An Over-The-Door Wreath Hanger With Ribbon

You’ll Need


  • Measure the length from the top of the door to where you want the top of your wreath to start, then double it. Cut that length of ribbon.
  • Using the soft side of the adhesive tape, cut it to the width that will fit inside your ribbon.
  • Use two strips to allow for height adjustment.
  • Turn the wreath over, and locate the loop. If there is no loop, find a good place in your wreath to hide the ribbon. Or, you could use two strips of ribbon and bring them up into a V shape.
  • Thread the ribbon through the loop, and put the wrong sides together.
  • Fold the ribbon in half so the ends match up.
  • On the side of the ribbon that’s going to be on the back side of the wreath, take your adhesive tape and press it onto the ribbon. Stick the second adhesive tape strip slightly below the first.
  • Stapled the adhesive tape plus both ribbons together. This will keep the ribbons together and secure the adhesive tape strips. Put a staple in either side of each adhesive tape strip.
  • Pull the ribbon out flat. Is the adhesive tape on the back of the ribbon?
  • Put a staple just above the loop through both ribbons to keep the ribbons together.
  • Now, go to your door with your wreath and your adhesive tape. You’re going to use the stiff side of the adhesive tape now.
  • Open your door.
  • Peel off the two strips of adhesive tape and put them onto the top of your door perpendicular to each other; that is, fill the width of your door. This adhesive tape should be the same shape as the adhesive tape on the ribbon.
  • Then take the ribbon and match that (soft side) adhesive tape to the (stiff side) adhesive tape on the door.

Close the door and have a look!

How To Make An Over The Door Wreath Hanger With An Upside-Down Hook

You’ll Need

  • Wreath with ribbon hanger
  • Command hook or Suction cup hook
  • Ladder


  • Install the hook on the rear of the door in the center near the top, per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Pull the ribbon over the top of the door and hang it over the hook.
  • Check that your wreath is straight.

Done! And reusable next year!

How To Make A Wreath Hanger With A Wire Hanger (Some Sewing Involved)

The creator of this tutorial used wreath instructions which included a hanger “sleeve” in the shape of a rectangle.

It’s just a rectangular shape of hemmed fabric with the top and the bottom hand-sewn to the back of the wreath. This forms a sleeve to insert the hanger. We’ve marked out the sleeve section here:

 You’ll Need

  • Wreath with sewn “pocket”
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Pliers
  • Masking tape
  • 2 Safety pins


  • Cut the bottom of the hanger on the left-hand side.
  • Bend the hanger upwards so that the top becomes a straight line, more or less.
  • Place the hanger on the top of the sewn sleeve on the wreath.
  • Determine where the end of the hanger should be on the left-hand side.
  • Bend the hanger in that spot and straighten out the extra wire.
  • Repeat the same way for the right-hand side ensuring the hook is in the center.
  • One side of the lower part of the hanger is much longer; cut off the excess, making sure that the two ends overlap.
  • Insert the long side of the hanger into the sleeve.
  • Hold the two ends of the lower part of the hanger together and wrap some masking tape around them securely.
  • This will allow the hanger to stay put and will also protect you and the fabric from any sharp edges.
  • Using a safety pin, anchor the hook in place on each side so the hanger won’t slide around.

Now you have a very original wreath hanger!

How To Make A Wreath Hanger With Zip Ties On A Wire Wreath Frame

You’ll Need

  • Wire wreath frame
  • 2 Zip ties 6-7 inches long
  • 2 Zip ties about 3 inches long
  • Pliers


  • Slot the two larger zip ties together.
  • Cut off the end of the zip tie.
  • Turn your wreath over so you’re working on the back side.
  • Locate a vertical post or strut at the center of the wreath.
  • Put each side of your joined zip ties under either side that strut and pull through.
  • Slot them together.
  • Cut off the end.
  • Rotate the zip ties so a smooth edge (your hanger) is at the top.
  • On one side, insert one of the smaller zip ties close to the connection of the longer zip ties and secure it tightly.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Cut off the ends.

Now you have a double-strand wreath hanger!


There are lots of ways to make a wreath hanger for your front door or window. Your guests will be so impressed when they see your wreath hanging with anything but a regular wreath hanger.

With a little bit of creativity and some basic materials, you can easily make a beautiful and unique wreath hanger that will add the perfect finishing touch to your holiday decor. So get creative and have fun!

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