How To Make Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

How To Make Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments

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This pine cone tutorial is actually two tutorials in one.  It’s about how to make glitter pine cone ornaments, but it is also about how to paint pine cone ornaments in the ombre style.

Both projects are very easy, and I think the kids would enjoy painting the pine cones.

These ornaments would make a unique addition to your table centerpiece, or they could be in a bowl at your front entrance.  You could also use them to adorn larger gifts or line them up on your mantel.

I particularly love the glittered pine cones.  I love the sparkly pine cones look, and these pine cones will catch the light.

Have a look and see if you like it.

You’ll Need

For the Glittered Pine Cones

For the Painted Pine Cones

  • Pine cones
  • Acrylic paint in 2 colors which will blend
  • Paintbrush
  • Container to mix paint

Step-By-Step Instructions

Glittered Pine Cones

  • Spray the pine cone with the adhesive over the paper. Do it somewhere safe for spraying sticky stuff.
  • Sprinkle glitter over the pine cone.
  • Turn the pine cone upside down and shake the excess glitter off.
  • Fold the paper over and funnel unused glitter into its container.

Painted Pine Cones

  • Squeeze each color of your paint into the container.
  • Paint a couple of sections at the bottom of the pine cone with the first color. Turn your pine cone while painting to make sure there are no brown gaps.
  • Move a bit of the second color over in the container and blend it with some of the first color.
  • Paint the next couple of lines of the pine cone.
  • Move a bit more of the second color over and blend it to make a lighter color.
  • Paint the next couple of lines of the pine cone.
  • The top of the cone will be the lightest color.
  • Allow to dry.

Now you have some gorgeous homemade Christmas decorations!

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