How To Make A Christmas Mosaic Doorstop

How To Make A Christmas Mosaic Doorstop

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Do you love the look of a mosaic?  A one-of-a-kind Christmas mosaic doorstop will be both useful and beautiful.

You can use a brick from the garage in the spirit of recycling; just clean it first.

This project is not for the kids, and if you haven’t done a mosaic before, take it slowly and carefully.

The result will be a unique door stop. Or you could use the finished product as a piece of homemade art for your garden.

You’ll Need

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • If your brick is recycled, clean it if necessary, and let it dry.
  • Find a Christmas tree pattern that you like and trace it onto tracing paper.
  • Cut out the tree shape.
  • Trace the pattern onto your brick.
  • When arranging your pieces, use the tile nipper to cut pieces if necessary.
  • Don’t forget to leave a tiny space in between the pieces.
  • Glue on pieces of green mosaic within the tree line.
  • Glue on pieces of white mosaic around the tree.
  • Mix the grout with water according to packet directions.
  • Put your gloves on and wipe the grout on in all directions. Massage grout into the gaps.  Take care with any broken pieces, they may be sharp.
  • Take off excess grout.
  • Put your sponge into the water, and squeeze it out.
  • Wipe over the surface, don’t scrub it.
  • Let it dry until the grout looks cloudy; you can dry it with a hairdryer to speed it up if you wish.
  • Carefully wipe the grout off.
  • Let it sit overnight.
  • Clean the surface with Windex.
  • Apply the grout sealer if the doorstop is going outside.
  • Apply felt to the back with glue for a nice finish.

Now one of the first things your guests see will be your very unique Christmas tree mosaic door stop!

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