How To Make A Santa Cookie Plate For Christmas Eve

How To Make A Santa Cookie Plate For Christmas Eve

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Leaving a plate of goodies out for Santa and his reindeer is part of many people’s Christmas Eve traditions.  How about you and your kids make your own Santa plate?

This ultra-easy project can be a new Christmas memory created every year.   Make sure you put the year on the plate (front or back) so you can look back at future holiday celebrations.

Your kids could do a plate for Grandma or the neighbors.  Animal lovers could do a special plate for Santa’s reindeer that comes from your dog or cat.

You could even celebrate Baby’s First Christmas with a plate lovingly designed by you.

This project is truly personalized.  Let your mind wander with ideas….

Supplies Needed

  • White plate
  • Sharpies pens

The Method

  • Draw on the plates with your Sharpie pens.
  • Then place them in the oven to set for 2 hours at 100 degrees.

Some Tips

  • Advise your kids to hold the plate still while they are writing. It’s heartbreaking for a child to mess up their writing.
  • Keep a damp tissue or baby wipes close by to correct little mistakes.
  • If you want a family plate, maybe you could ask who is best at writing who is best at drawing, who is best at coloring, and assign roles. Or not.
  • Use paper cups and items with interesting shapes to trace with. I wouldn’t be using anything that will later be used for eating or drinking in case there is residue from the pen when you trace the shape.
  • Draw a shape with a black pen, for example, holly, a star, a candy cane, or a gift, and then color it in with bright Christmas colors!
  • This easy technique could also be used at other times of year to remember birthdays and special achievements.
  • Please note that this plate should not go in the dishwasher.

This is an extremely easy technique.  It will mean so much to your child to make their own Santa plate.  Then when Santa has had his snacks, the plate can be washed and kept forever.

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