How To Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Plastic Bottles

How To Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Plastic Bottles

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Does your family go through plastic bottles fairly quickly?  Do you want to know one of the ways they can be reused?  Would you like to know how to make a Christmas tree out of plastic bottles?  This tutorial will tell you how to make the cutest plastic Christmas tree, and it’s shiny too.

You’ll Need

  • 9 Green plastic bottles, including lids
  • Knife or scissors to cut the bottles
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Christmas ornament for the topper

Step-By-Step Instructions

 Preparing The Bottles

  • Remove any labels from the bottles
  • Cut the base of the largest bottle; this will be the base of the tree.
  • Cut the lower part of each of the other bottles in gradually increasing sizes.
  • Cut the neck of each bottle just below the lid; leave the lid attached.
  • Mark 10 lines on each bottle up to just short of the base and cut to get strips.
  • Cut the end of each strip to get rounded ends.
  • Cut the sides of each strip for about 2 inches from the base, and cut off those fragments.
  • Fold each strip out; they should look like flower petals.
  • Paint the ends of the strips to give a snow effect.

Assembling The Tree

  • Turn the base piece of the largest bottle upside down.
  • Apply glue to the middle of the top.
  • Put the biggest fanned-out bottle in the glue, and press into place.
  • Apply glue to one of the lid sections.
  • Put the lid section into the middle of the bottle with the lid facing up, and press into place.
  • Apply glue to the lid.
  • Put the next largest fanned-out bottle on the glue, and press onto the glue.
  • Repeat until all the bottles are used, turning each bottle a little to give a random look to the “branches.”

Decorate the top of the tree as you wish.


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