How To Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Plastic Spoons

How To Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Plastic Spoons

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Here’s another way to make a Christmas tree with recycled materials.  Have you ever considered making a Christmas tree out of plastic spoons?

If you have a big event, you could wash the spoons and have them ready for this project.  Or you could buy the necessary components for this project.

It is suggested in the tutorial that you choose a color and use that all the way through the project.  That would create a pretty tree.  But I also think you could mix and match with white, red and green, being Christmasy colors.  I’d just make sure that my Styrofoam cone is one of those colors, possibly green.

This method is great for anybody who can use scissors and a hot glue gun.  You could use plain old craft glue for this project, but a glue gun would make it easier.

Supplies Needed

  • Wire cutters
  • White styrofoam cone, about 15 inches
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plastic spoons, for a 15-inch cone, you need about 80 spoons, for a 9-inch cone, you need about 70 spoons

Step-By-Step Instructions

Cut spoons in two ways:

  • Cut some close to the base of the spoon.
  • Cut some a bit further down the handle.

If any spoons are cut perfectly, hold them aside; they’ll be needed for the top of the tree.


  • Take 3 spoons with long necks and push them into the top of the cone, with the top of the spoon facing out.
  • Using the glue gun on a low setting, place a row of longer neck spoons around the bottom of the cone, with the neck facing up.
  • Repeat rows up the cone. Finish each row before starting on the next one.
  • As you go up the tree, you might find that either type of cut spoons will fit nicely.
  • For the last row at the top, use the spoons that were perfect cuts because their necks will be showing.
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