How To Make A No-Sew Christmas Throw Pillow Cover

How To Make A No-Sew Christmas Throw Pillow Cover

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Do want to create your own easy no-muss Christmas pillow?  This tutorial is on how to make a no-sew Christmas throw pillow cover.  You just need to add the insert!

This idea can be used for all sorts of projects throughout the year.  Or you could give these pillows as gifts; specially designed throw pillows would be treasured in a nursing home or far-off dorm room.

The pillow created in the tutorial is 20 inches, but you can make it any size you like with some adjusting.

The use of an iron and scissors rules out little kids for this project, but they could watch, learn and maybe direct you a bit.

See what you think.

Supplies Needed

Step-By-Step Instructions

For a 20-inch pillow, cut a piece of fabric measuring 22 inches by 52 inches.

  • If your pillow is a different size:
    • Measure the width of your fabric to be 2 inches more than the width of the pillow.
    • Measure the length to be double the length of your pillow plus 12 inches.
  • Use push pins to mark your length and cut.
  • On each of the short sides of the fabric, fold back one inch and iron it so that is stays in place.
  • Make sure the folded width is 20 inches or that it matches the width of the pillow you are covering.
  • Measure and cut the tape to fit the seam.
  • Place tape inside the seam.
  • Apply heat with your iron according to the directions on the tape label.
  • Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Secure both sides of the flap with tape.
  • Turn your finished pillow cover to be right side out.
  • Pull the corners out.
  • Put the insert inside the pillow cover.

Now you have a home-designed throw pillow!

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