How To Make A Ribbon Wreath

How To Make A Ribbon Wreath

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If you’d like a vintage-look wreath made out of ribbons, this may be the one for you. The ribbon is a wired ribbon, making it easier to fold plus the ribbon will retain its shape.

This wreath looks much more complicated than it is. Once you’ve got the hang of the method, you can do this while watching TV. See what you think.

You’ll Need

You’ll need to thread the wire through the ends of each ribbon. If your ribbon is not open-weave, you may need a needle to push it through.


Attach the ribbon to the wreath

  • Fold the ribbon in half while still on the roll.
  • Cut 6 to 8 inches of the floral wire.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the inner ring of the wreath form.
  • Push the wire through both sides of the ribbon; do this at least twice.
  • Tie the wire off in a knot.

Loop the ribbon through each section

  • You now have the ribbon attached to the inner ring and the ribbon is lying under the ring.
  • Feed the ribbon through the first section, and pull through 4 to 5 inches.
  • Do this in each of the sections.

Twist the ribbon in the back of the wreath form

  • Hold the ribbon loops in your left hand and twist the ribbon under the ring twice with your right hand.
  • Then start the next group of folds in the innermost section.

Scrunch the ribbon together

  • Every two to three groups of ribbon, scrunch the ribbon together.
  • This will give a full ribbon wreath with none of the ring showing through.

Loop, twist, scratch, repeat (to the end of the roll)

  • Continue this process until the end of the roll of ribbon.
  • Each roll should last 2 sections of the wreath ring.

Attach the end of the ribbon to the wreath ring

  • Turn the ring over.
  • As you did at the start, cut 6 to 8 inches of the floral wire and attach the end of the ribbon to the wreath form.

Repeat the same steps with the next two rolls of ribbon.

Fluff the wreath, make it look even.

Hanging your ribbon wreath

  • Loop your hanger ribbon through the wreath and glue the ends together.
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