How To Make A Sock Snowman

How To Make A Sock Snowman

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I came across this absolutely delightful tutorial on how to make a rice sock snowman.

I think the kids would love to watch their old socks turned into a snowman or snowgirl with lots of personality.  They could even give them to their friends as gifts.

This easy tutorial is for the basic snowman, but you can add all sorts of extra clothes and accessories.  At the end of the video, the creators (Handimania) parade all of their snowmen and snow women.  You can get some great ideas there.

There’s a choice about whether to use pins for the snowman’s eyes and nose.  If it is for a child, it might be better to do the facial features with a French knot rather than pins.

Have a look; maybe you’d like to give it a go.

Supplies Needed

  • Twine
  • Craft glue
  • White sock
  • Scissors
  • Rice and spoon
  • Either 2 black pins and 1 orange pin
  • Or black thread, orange thread, and a needle
  • Fabric for the scarf and any other snowman clothes that you want to make
  • Buttons and any other snowman decorations you’d like

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Cut the foot of the sock off at the heel.
  • Take the heel and turn it inside out.
  • Cut some twine and tie together the section you just cut. Tie the twine round and round and knot it off.
  • Turn the heel right side out.
  • Holding the top of the sock, spoon rice into the sock.
  • Fill it almost to the top.
  • Wrap twine around the top of the sock, tie it round and round, and knot it off.
  • Cut off excess twine.
  • Press into the middle to shape the sock like a snowman.
  • Wrap twine around where his neck would be; squeeze to get the head shape.
  • Wrap twine round and round and tie it off in a knot.
  • Cut off excess twine.
  • Wrap the scarf around his neck; this will hide the twine.
  • Take the foot part of the sock and fold it half an inch from the opening. Fold it again another half-inch.
  • Fit it on his head like a winter woolen cap.
  • Glue buttons down his front.
  • Place black pins for the eyes and the orange pin for his nose, or do French knots with black and orange thread to achieve the same result.
  • Dress him or her in any extra clothes or decorations that you like.
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