Tabletop Christmas Tree

How To Make A Tabletop Balloon Christmas Tree

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Here’s a balloon Christmas tree that you set on your tabletop, or anywhere you like.  It has an ingenious idea for stabilizing the balloons.

The colors recommended are green for the foliage, gold for the star, and white for the garland.  But maybe your kids have different ideas about what colors the tree should be.

This method uses a balloon inflating pump to regulate the size of the balloons by counting the number of pump actions.  Your older kids could do all the pumping for you.

The garland look is very effective, but I would suggest some run-through sessions leading up to creating your balloon tree.

Have a look at how to make a tabletop balloon Christmas tree!

Supplies Needed

Step-By-Step Instructions

Preparing The Foliage

  • Inflate 4 of the green balloons by pushing the pump 10 times each.
  • Tie 2 balloons together by their handles, do the same with the other pair.
  • Fold the pairs over each other at the center to attach and form a “quad.”
  • Inflate 4 of the green balloons by pushing the pump 7 times each.
  • Repeat instructions above to form a quad.
  • Inflate 4 of the green balloons by pushing the pump 4 times each.
  • Repeat instructions above to form a quad.
  • Inflate 4 of the green balloons by pushing the pump 2 times each.
  • Repeat instructions above to form a quad.

Preparing The Tree Topper

  • Inflate all of the 12 gold balloons with a half pump each.
  • Pair them up and tie together each pair by their handles.
  • Fold 5 pairs into a cluster.
  • Fold another 5 pairs into a cluster.
  • Fold the last pair into one of the clusters with those balloons positioned on each side.
  • Combine the 2 clusters together carefully to form the tree topper.

The Tree Topper Holder

  • Tie a green balloon in knots, double or triple.
  • Cut off the excess, leaving only the knot.
  • Take another green balloon and drop the knot inside.
  • Inflate both balloons for 2 pump actions and knot it off.
  • Cut some curling ribbon.
  • Turn the balloon over.
  • Locate the knot inside the balloon.
  • Pinch it and twist it.
  • Tie the ribbon on, leaving a tail.

Preparing The Stabilizer

  • Place one green balloon inside another green balloon.
  • Fill them with water and knot it.
  • Tie a long length of curling ribbon to it.

Putting Your Tree Together

The Foliage

  • Slide the water balloon weight into the bottom quad at the center.
  • Wrap the ribbon around each of the 4 balloons.
  • Put the next quad on top, spaced a quarter turn so the balloons are not on top of each other.
  • Take the ribbon and wind it around each of the balloons of the new set.
  • Repeat for the remaining green quads.
  • Wind the ribbon down to the bottom of the tree to the water balloon and back up to the top.

The Tree Topper

  • Take the balloon with the knot in it.
  • Tie the handle into the bottom of the star cluster of gold balloons.
  • Place on top of the tree with the gold balloons facing up.
  • Tie the ribbon around the lower balloons to stabilize the topper.

The Garland

  • Inflate a long white balloon.
  • Twist sections of the balloon to form little balls, keeping hold of the other end as you go.
  • Tie off the end of the balloon and twist as a clasp.
  • Place the garland around the tree.
  • Tie it off to fasten.

The Ornaments

  • The ornaments can be tied directly to the garland.
  • Or, if you’re not using a garland:
    • Tie 2 colored balloons together
    • Stretch them out in the middle
    • Slide them into the green balloons, ensuring that the colored balloons are on the outside.

Your tabletop balloon Christmas tree is finished!

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