Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

How To Make A Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

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If you’d like to use recycled materials for your Christmas tree, making a tomato cage Christmas tree is right up your alley.

Just wash off that cage and you’re ready to go!

Depending on if the tree is going to be inside or outside, you can use last year’s decorations, or you can use colorful pieces from your garden.

Supplies Needed

The Method

  • Place the cage in a plant pot with soil, pointing the wider side to the bottom.
  • Cut a coathanger to make U-shaped pins to hold the cage in place.
  • Insert the pins into the soil over the bottom rung of the cage.
  • Wrap a green garland from the bottom to the top in a spiral motion. This is the tree’s foliage.  The garland could be an old decoration, a newly purchased garland, or an evergreen bough from your garden.

You’re ready to decorate!


  • Attach your lights, if you’re having them.
  • Add your decorations and maybe a bow topper.

To make a birdseed ornament

  • Coat a pine cone in peanut butter
  • Roll the pine cone in bird seed
  • Attach it to the tree with wire from the coathanger.

How easy is that?

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