how to make paper stars 3d

How To Make A 3-D Christmas Star

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I love this star decoration, especially made with shiny paper. The tutorial is detailed and once you see it, it seems really straightforward.

You don’t need to use shiny paper, but I think it would look great and it would catch the light.  And nobody will know that these ornaments are homemade!

You’ll need to concentrate the first time you create the star and you’ll probably need to stop and start the video. But after a couple of stars are done, you’ll be able to do this with your eyes closed!

Have a look and see what you think.

Supplies Needed

  • Paper, shiny wrapping paper would look good
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Cut an 8-inch square from the paper, but it could be any size as long as both stars are the same size.
  • Make 2 stars as listed below.
  • Place the flat sides of the stars together in an offset position.
  • Place spots of glue where the stars meet, press them together, and allow your new decoration to dry.
  • Attach a hanger if you wish.

Folding Each Star

  • After each folding step, there should be a crease.
  • Fold in half, unfold.
  • Fold in half the other way, unfold.
  • Fold diagonally, unfold.
  • Fold diagonally the other way, unfold.
  • With the shiny side down, take the bottom right corner and fold to the diagonal fold. The corner should come to a point.
  • Press about halfway along to make a crease.
  • Unfold, check to see you can see the new crease.
  • Use a pencil to make a mark where the folds meet.
  • Repeat for all 4 sides.
  • Cut from each edge to the pencil mark.
  • Fold each corner in.
  • Place glue on alternating folded corners – it’ll be the shiny side.
  • For each fold, pull the opposite fold over and press together.
  • You’ve got one side of your star!
  • Make another star the same and follow the instructions at the beginning.
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