Paper Pinecone Christmas Ornament

How To Make A Paper Pinecone Christmas Ornament

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This is one of those projects where the result is really impressive, but it’s so easy!  Learn how to make a paper pinecone Christmas ornament for your tree.

The paper used for this project can be Christmasy, or it can have cars and fairies on it as a special ornament for your little boy or girl.  You could use different colors on each sheet of paper for a vivid effect, or you could use one solid color.

You could make a set of these as a gift for your neighbors or workmates, using a patterned paper that suits them.  It’ll be a handmade and personalized keepsake.

Have a look and see if you like this idea.

You’ll Need

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Cut out 6 strips of paper, measuring
    • 1 inch x 10.6 inches x 2 pieces
    • 1-inch x 9.5 inches x 2 pieces
    • 90 inches x 8.25 inches x 2 pieces
  • Fold each piece of paper in a concertina pattern.
  • Glue the ends together with the patterned side on the outside.
  • Put a dot of glue in the middle, then bend the paper into the center to form a flat circle.
  • Glue the like sizes of circles together.
  • Poke a hole on either side.
  • Run the string through as a hanger.
  • Then glue the sets together with the smallest on the bottom.
  • Glue the string to the top of the ornament to secure it.
  • Tie the ribbon in a bow at the bottom of the string.

Now you’ve got some delicate and pretty Christmas tree decorations.

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