How To Make A Pipe Cleaner Christmas Wreath With Beads

How To Make A Pipe Cleaner Christmas Wreath With Beads

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Would you like a slightly more decorated mini wreath?  Here’s a tutorial for making a pipe cleaner Christmas wreath with beads.

In this project, we use the same skills learned in the previous post, but there a couple more ideas about decorating the wreath.

You can use any colors you like.  I notice that the video maker has used blue pipe cleaners with a silver bow and green beads to great effect.  For this post, we’ll stick with Christmasy colors, but let your color choices run free!  Maybe Barbie wants a gold wreath with a pink ribbon for her dream house!


Supplies Needed

  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Silver pipe cleaners
  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Beads
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

A note about the beads. The usual diameter of pipe cleaners is 6 millimeters, so the beads should be 8 or 9 millimeters thick.

You could use a Christmas Pipe Cleaner Craft Set, or you could use the pipe cleaners you have at home.

Step-By-Step Instructions

The Green Spirals

  • Wind a green pipe cleaner onto the pencil to make a spiral.
  • Slide it off the pencil.
  • Repeat to make 3 spirals.

The Bow

  • Hold together a silver and a red pipe cleaner.
  • Bend about an inch from one end and twist once.
  • Take the next section of the same size and bend it around to make a loop.  Twist once.
  • Cut off the excess.  You’ll be left with a bow shape.
  • Twist the silver around the red pipe cleaners to finish.

Creating The Wreath

  • Take 2 red pipe cleaners and twist them together all the way to the end.
  • Put the green spirals onto the reds in the middle, leaving the ends of the red pipe cleaners free.
  • Shape the green spirals into a wreath.
  • Wrap one red pipe cleaner around the other to secure.
  • Take your silver and red bow and place in the middle of the red pipe cleaners.
  • Fold the red pipe cleaners over and draw to the back to hold the bow in place.
  • Twist to secure.
  • Cut off the excess of the red pipe cleaners.

The Beads

  • Slide 6 beads onto a green pipe cleaner.
  • Hold the beaded pipe cleaner at the top under the bow.
  • Wind it around the green spirals.
  • When you get to the other end, twist under the bow to secure.
  • Ensure the beads are sitting at the front so they can be seen!
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