Samantha “Bewitched” Ornament

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Looking for a unique and stylish Christmas ornament? Check out the Samantha “Bewitched” Ornament! This beautiful 2.85-inch piece is made of glossy ceramics and features the same design on both sides.

I love that this statue really looks like Elizabeth Montogomery, and she’s in a typical witchly pose, too. She’s out flying on her broom on a crescent moon night. By the look of her smile and her “clicking” fingers, I think she just cast a spell.

Although this ornament has “Montgomery USA” as the text, this statue is actually in Salem, Massachusetts. Or maybe it refers to her surname…. Anyway, I plan to go to Salem one day!

It’s also hand-made, so you know it’s of high quality. Plus, it comes with a golden rope and black velvet bag, making it perfect for gifting.

Bewitched Statue of Elizabeth Montgomery Christmas Ornament
$12.39 ($10.04 / Ounce)
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost.
09/22/2023 09:44 am GMT

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